As strange as it is to contemplate, I only have three semesters left before graduating. As I finish up my finals, I am realizing that my once intimidatingly lengthy degree sheet has been mostly checked off. I still need a number of math classes, of courses, but otherwise I will mostly be filling up my upper-division hours with classes of my choice. This was an amazing discovery earlier this semester as I prepare to study abroad in the spring.

The main difficulty with study abroad is taking classes that you can actually use. Every school does things differently and schools in foreign countries do things very differently than schools in the United States. Particularly as a STEM major, it can be difficult to find courses that build on information you already know without relying on information you have not yet learned. Fortunately, I was able to straighten out my math courses and now just have to worry about electives.

Even after gen-ed, major, and minor requirements, I still have the flexibility to indulge in classes of my choosing. This is partially due to the math major and partially due to the the aggressive number of hours I have been taking each semester. On one hand, I could continue to pursue some of my interests that I have already been studying. There are several upper-division math and German courses which have caught my eye. I am qualified for a number of classes in the English department and in international studies. On the other hand, I could take an entry-level in an entirely new subject. OU is a huge university with a plethora of academic departments, many of which I have never touched. A good portion of my winter break will be spent determining which classes I should take abroad this spring and then at OU my senior year in order to meet my graduation requirements but still enjoy the ride.