Now that I have my summer study abroad planned and underway, I need to start thinking about my semester program. After looking over my degree requirements and talking to various advisors, I decided the best time for me to go will be next spring when I’m a sophomore. That way I will be able to recover after this summer before jumping into another country and I won’t have as much trouble finding classes to fit my requirements. This spring I’ve mainly been focusing on getting my German ducks in order, but the past few weeks I’ve been shopping for a semester program that will work for me. OU offers dozens and dozens of programs all over the world, but finding one that fits my specific needs is a little tricker than I had expected. The main difficulty I am struggling with is my need for math courses. Since I’m a math major, it would be extremely difficult to go a semester without taking any math and still stay on track for graduation. I don’t feel entirely comfortable taking math in another language, so I am limited to universities which offer math classes in English to international students. Most universities that I’ve looked at only offer certain classes to international students and technical subjects are not usually among them. Universities tend to offer the humanities and social sciences over straight STEM subjects. That being said, I do have a few promising programs bookmarked, so stay tuned to see how those turn out. 🙂